How do I renew my lease?

Tenants that are are in good standing with Alcove are eligible for a lease renewal

Starting 90 days from the end of the lease agreement, tenants are eligible to apply for a lease renewal. If you are interested in renewing your lease:

  1. Ensure all past due invoices are paid in your Alcove portal here. Tenants with one or more unpaid invoices are on their account, including late fees, rent payments, and HOA fines, will not be eligible to receive a lease renewal offer until all invoices on their account are paid.
  2. Submit your interest in renewing your lease. Click the "I want to renew" button on your Alcove portal. Once your interest is received, the tenant support team will review your request and send you a renewal offer and confirmation email. Tenants who are renewing their lease are not charged an additional application fee, move in fee, or security deposit. 

As a reminder, bedrooms that are eligible for renewal starting 90 days from the lease end date are open for outside applicants to apply for as well. The first time an outside applicant applies for a bedroom, Alcove will inform the current tenant via text message and hold the room for 48 hours for to renew. After this, the room is open for lease signing on a first come, first served basis and tenants will not continue to be notified if outside applicants apply to their bedroom.