What happens if I or someone in my home gets sick?

If you or a roommate is feeling unwell, we encourage all tenants and recent guests to speak with a doctor immediately and follow the latest CDC and local recommendations. In addition, try to stay resting in your room and minimize your time spent in the common areas. If you have to go to the common area, please wear a respirator mask and maintain social-distancing at all times. 

Additionally, to ensure the safety of applicants, landlords, property managers, service providers, and Alcove Field Staff, please contact Alcove Support with the subject line "COVID Caution - (Property Address)" and let us know that someone in the property is sick. Individuals are welcome to remain anonymous, we just need to know which properties are safe to enter for service, tours, etc., and which require rescheduling for a later date.


CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

NCDHHS: Coronavirus Disease Response in North Carolina

Durham: Durham County Covid-19 Updates & Resources

Wake County: Wake County Covid-19 Updates & Resources 

Orange County: Orange County Covid-19 Updates & Resources

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