Will Alcove continue to provide bi-weekly cleaning services?

Yes. In order to take additional precautions, we will be implementing additional sanitization steps into our bi-weekly cleaning process of each home. High-touch surfaces, such as entry door knobs, remotes, and kitchen countertops will be treated with additional antimicrobials. Our cleaning partner has assured that the product is EPA-registered and has broad-spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness. This process is commonly used to sanitize food-handling equipment and food-contact surfaces, and is very safe to use in homes, around pets and children, and within your daily lives. 

While it is important to understand that contracting the virus from an inanimate object is much less likely than via direct contact with an infected person, we believe this step adds an important layer of protection for you and your roommates. That’s why we plan to continue with this process until the virus is mitigated.