Access Packages

How do roommates access the home?

Alcove strives to create the best shared housing experience for all our housemates and landlords. All bedroom doorknobs are keyless and are accessed by an electronic code. This easy-to-use keypad, which allows housemates to enter their bedroom without the need for a physical key is more convenient and secure than the traditional model of bedroom keys. 

Comparison of Traditional v. Keyless Model

  Traditional Model Keyless Model
Access? Bedroom Key Personal Code
Number of Access Codes Needed 2 codes 1 code
Alcove Support? Limited Support  Full Support 
What if the tenant gets locked out? Locksmith is called Personal Code is located on the tenant's My Alcove Portal for 24/7 viewing
Benefits Traditional Keys 

Higher Retention

Less Lockouts

Increase Renewal Rates


If your Alcove home is currently on a traditional key model and you would like to switch over to our keyless model just email Alcove will handle all the operations of the transfer and update your portal and tenants when its completed. The cost for each room will be $65 which will automatically be deducted from your rent.