Can I switch rooms during my lease?

Yes, you can apply to switch to any available Alcove room during the length of your lease? To start the room switch process: 

1. Apply to your new room online at You will not be charged an application fee and you will not have to complete another background check. Rooms are on a first come, first serve basis and all room switches are subject to approval of the property manager and Alcove.

2. There is an administrative fee equal to one month's current rent that will be charged to your account when the new lease is signed. This covers the administrative costs associated with lease processing for Alcove landlord's and property managers. An email will be sent with an outline of your ledger accounting for your prorated rent in your old and new bedroom and your room switch fee. You will not be responsible for finding a replacement roommate for your old room or paying the rent on your old room until a replacement is found.

Tenants who are room switching will not be charged a second move in fee. Upon a successful move out inspection of your current room, we will transfer your security deposit over to your new lease. If you have a pet and are room switching to a new property, there will be another pet fee charged of $300.00 upon signing of the new lease.