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Can I switch rooms during my lease?

Switching rooms within the Alcove Community

You have the option to switch rooms within your Alcove home, but this is subject to the approval of your landlord. You can apply for a room switch to any available Alcove room while your lease is still active. The process for requesting a room switch is outlined below:

** The landlord (and Alcove) may ask for additional fees and include clauses, such as requiring a replacement tenant or imposing cleaning, early lease termination/ room switch fees.

Security Deposit and Move-in Fee

Move-in fee:

Tenants who are switching rooms within Alcove will not be charged a second move-in fee by Alcove.

Security Deposit: 

Room Switch to New Property: If a room switch to a different property is approved, a new deposit and cleaning fee is charged. Upon successful move-out inspection by Alcove, the deposit for the old lease is returned to the tenant subject to the normal deposit return timeline and to any deductions for damages.
Room Switch within Same Property: If a room switch to a different room within the same property is approved, no new deposit will be charged and the original deposit will be transferred to the new lease. However, the cleaning fee will still apply. 

Pet fees:

If you have a pet and are room switching to a new property, there will be another pet fee charged of $300.00 upon signing of the new lease.
An email will be sent with an outline of your ledger accounting for your prorated rent in your old and new bedroom and your room switch (early termination) fee.  

Next Steps

To begin, apply to your new room online at https://alcoverooms.com/listings?st=1. You will not be charged an application fee and you will not have to complete another background check. Rooms are on a first come, first serve basis and all room switches are subject to approval of the Landlord and Alcove.

Legacy leases

For legacy leases, the contract may vary. In the event of any conflict between the terms of your Lease Agreement and the Terms and Conditions, the Lease Agreement shall control. If you have any questions about legacy leases, please reach out to us by submitting a support ticket in your Alcove account or emailing us at partner@alcoverooms.com.