Does Alcove work in HOA neighborhoods?


As Alcove is focused on long-term roommate rentals, the majority of our properties are single-family homes or townhome units that are part of an HOA. That said, it's important to note that while Alcove can provide general guidance around HOA restrictions and assistance with communications with tenants, Alcove cannot offer legal review or specific input regarding individual HOA covenants. The homeowner or property manager holds the responsibility for ensuring compliance with applicable HOA, municipal, and county regulations and codes. If the landlord or property manager has a minimum lease length requirement (e.g. 6/9 months) for their HOA covenants, they should make sure to update this requirement on the Alcove Manager Portal.

The landlord is responsible for providing and uploading the HOA community rules and regulations, and for ensuring there is enough parking (garage, driveways, obtaining passes, or street / guest / visitor lots - if allowed). HOA regulations and rules are passed on to the housemates.

If there is a fine or punitive measure issued by the HOA due to a housemate breaking community rules, Alcove can assist with enforcing and collecting the cost of the fine from the housemates to reimburse the landlord. 

Finally, We assist landlords with leasing, lease enforcement, and resolutions of any violations. Unlike a normal landlord-to-roommate arrangement, landlords who work with Alcove have access to our homeowner support team and vendor marketplace to ensure rapid compliance with lease rules, community rules, noise, etc.

When an issue arises, our support team keeps tenants and landlords accountable.

Please contact our Alcove Support Team if you have any questions or concerns.