First Lease Signed - What's Next

Action Items once your first lease is signed.

Alcove incorporates a 4-5 day buffer ahead of the first tenant lease start date to allow both the Landlord and Alcove time to ensure the property is move-in ready for tenants. 

Landlord Actions:

  • Schedule an Onboarding Call with Alcove's Landlord Partnership Team
  • Get Your Property Move-In Ready
    • Clear the space and remove all furniture
    • Test and repair all appliances, switches, and installations 
    • Clean (We recommend hiring a professional cleaner)
    • Review Alcove Inspections and take action as suggested
    • Provide Alcove with any HOA or Community documents to share with Tenants
  • Make sure Utilities are Setup
  • Confirm Furniture Plan with Alcove Landlord Partnership Team

Alcove Actions:

  • Complete Initial Property Inspection and share action items with Landlords
  • Install electronic front door lock and manual bedroom door locks
  • Complete a Final Property Review
  • Keep marketing and acquiring tenants to fully lease up the property.

As noted in the lease, once a lease is signed, it is a legally binding contract. Further, should Alcove not be given access to the property on day 1 of the lease or should a property not be move-in ready by the start of the first tenant lease, the Failure to Deliver cause of the lease may be triggered and Alcove may request compensation or freely break the lease, which is not in party's best interest.