How Do I Get Reimbursed for Services/Maintenance due to damage caused by Housemates?

Repairs or maintenance needed at a property due to Housemate caused neglect/misuse are reimbursed through the following process

Repairs or maintenance needed due to tenant action/negligence will be conducted by the Landlord/Property manager. Based on the type of damage, the responsible party may be obvious e.g. a stained/damaged carpet in a certain bedroom caused by the tenant's pet. In cases such as this, the LL/PM will conduct the repair, and submit the associated invoice/receipt to Alcove for reimbursement which will be processed and disbursed typically within 5 business days of receipt.

In situations where the responsible party for the damage is not immediately determinable, but is clearly damage/misuse beyond normal wear and tear, the costs for the repair will typically be charged to all housemates equally. If a repair to an appliance or household utility (e.g. washing machine, dishwasher, HVAC unit, etc.) is needed due to suspected tenant misuse, you may request to charge the tenants for these repairs, should you be able to illustrate tenant-caused damage greater than normal wear and tear. This usually takes the form of evidence from an appropriate service professional. For example, a vendor is called to inspect a non-functional dishwasher at your property. Per the vendor, the dishwasher became clogged with food/debris causing damage. Instruct your vendor to include this determination in their invoice/service report that is submitted to Alcove. Alcove will review the report, and if confirmed, reimbursement will be disbursed typically within 5 business days of receipt and confirmation.