How frequently do residents turnover?

Our tenants sign long term leases with Alcove and we take care of re-filling any vacant bedrooms.

The most common initial lease length is 12 months. Bedrooms are marketed up to 6 months before the end of their leases, and our sales team takes care of the touring of any incoming applicants.

Housemates will be given the opportunity to renew as long as they have met our community standards and have fully abided by house rules. 

Alcove assumes responsibility for room turnover services (cleaning, general maintenance or repairs, paint touch-ups etc.) when a tenant moves out. This includes a move-out inspection the next business day after the current bedroom lease ends. Rooms are available to apply for typically 72 hours after the previous ease end date to allow enough time for these Alcove services to be performed and confirm that the room is move-in ready for the next tenant.