How is Alcove involved once the home is rented?

Alcove provides a fully inclusive shared housing experience for its homeowners and housemates. 

Our marketing engine, which syndicates your listing to 50+ listing platforms, enables us to find you qualified tenants quickly. When potential tenants visit your listing, Alcove ensures that they are assisted by a dedicated leasing team. Our platform is equipped with an inbound sales team and is available 24/7 to help lease your home. 

If you have smart pricing turned on, our proprietary algorithmic pricing system automatically modifies your rent based on demand to minimize vacancy period and maximize your net operating income. 

Additionally, we take care of screening, collection on all rent payments, and late fees.

Our vendor marketplace, available only for Alcove homeowners, is integrated with your home and enables you to order services such as access / electronic locks set up, inspections, turn services, move-out repairs, as well as furnishing of common spaces. 

All support tickets are managed on Alcove. The ticket system allows you to easily coordinate home set ups and vendor scheduling by adding individual parties (tenants and vendors) in one place. 

Alcove's dedicated homeowner support team is available to provide guidance and assistance to ensure a seamless experience for you. Our tenant support team is your first line of defence for any housemates related issues. 

You can easily reach us through the support system in your portal or by sending us an email at