How long does it take to rent a property?

Alcove works with property managers to optimize for pricing and lease up periods

The time taken to lease up a home depends on three main of factors: 

  1. Characteristics and location of the home
  2. Pricing of the home relative to the co-living market.
    • Alcove uses a proprietary scoring algorithm to help property managers and investor landlords achieve optimal pricing.
  3. Availability for touring 
        • If the home is currently occupied, the property manager is required to schedule a visit with the existing tenants for our field operations team. This is so that we can 1) conduct an inspection to verify the listing and 2) take photos/ videos for prospective applicants. If we are unable to either tour the home or obtain a virtual tour, the lease up process may be delayed.

      Alcove has a waitlist of applicants in most regions throughout the Triangle. As a result, our average time to fully contract a home on Alcove is between 1 to 2 weeks. For specific estimates, please email us at