How to find and schedule a 3rd party service provider through the Alcove Service Portal

Landlords will need to book and schedule services directly with the 3rd party provider before adding the Service Ticket within Alcove's Service Portal

**PLEASE NOTE - Alcove ONLY completes scheduling and booking services on a landlords behalf for Direct Book Service Options. Below is the process for all other 3rd Party Service bookings **

Approved 3rd Party Vendors are Alcove-recommended vendors that the Landlord or property manager can book directly from the vendor's site. All costs are paid for directly by the landlord/property manager through the 3rd party vendor. Click the following links if you are looking for more information on Alcove's Service Portal or Booking a Direct Connect Service

Approved 3rd Party Vendor Booking Process:

When selecting a service through 3rd party vendors, the landlord/property manager will need to click on the link to the Approved 3rd Party Vendor website (see below):


Note: Some 3rd party vendors such as TaskRabbit require an account set up prior to scheduling service. Follow the vendor's instructions on their site to establish your account and access service scheduling. 

Once the service is scheduled on the vendor's website, the landlord can come back to the service appointment form to complete it with the necessary details such as service date/time, the service details, and affected areas of the property:

If someone is required to be present at the property for the service, indicate as such in section 7. If a housemate must be present, the landlord/property manager will need to coordinate with the housemates about being present at the time of the service. This can be done by “Posting An Update” on the support ticket.  

Once the details of the appointment have been entered and submitted, a new ticket will be created and shared with the current housemates at your property. 

Note: If you wish to reschedule or cancel a service booked through a 3rd party vendor, you will need to contact the vendor directly. Any fees incurred for canceled/rescheduled services are the responsibility of the landlord or the property manager. 


Service Scheduling Issues and Troubleshooting:

Having an issue scheduling a service at your property? Reach out to the Alcove Partner team at for assistance.