The utilities at my home were not set up when I moved in-what are the next steps?

Utilities are included in the rent payment for all tenants. If utilities are not set up prior to move in, tenants are eligible for reimbursement.

Per the Alcove lease agreement, utilities (electric/gas, water, and wifi) are expected to be set up prior to all tenants moving in by the party accountable for utilities (property manager/landlord).

Should any utility not be set up upon move-in, the tenant is eligible for a prorated reimbursement credit of $2.00 per day per missing utility (only in cases where the accountable party was negligent in the setup of said utility).

In order for this credit to be approved, tenants will have to complete the Tenant Reimbursement Request Form with all relevant information, including the moving-in date, any receipts, etc. Once approved, the reimbursement credit will be applied to the tenant's Alcove account to go toward their next rent payment.