Pet Policy - Owners and Managers

Questions about allowing pets at your property? See below

As a rental and co-living platform, Alcove is dedicated to providing a comprehensive renting experience for both landlords and tenants. We recognize that many renters have pets that are important members of their family, and we strive to accommodate them as much as possible. In this article, we will outline our pet policy to provide clarity for landlords.

Pet-Friendly Properties
Our platform allows landlords to indicate if their property is pet-friendly. Properties that welcome pets will be labeled as "pet-friendly" in our system. This allows pet-owning tenants to quickly find properties that meet their needs. 

Please Note: Even if your property is listed as non-pet friendly, you may still receive applications from prospective housemates who have pets or service animals. For legal reasons, Alcove cannot prohibit applicants from applying with a pet and/or a service animal.

Pet Addendum
If a tenant wishes to bring a pet to a pet-friendly property, they are required to provide vaccination and veterinary records for their pet, along with a signed pet addendum. The pet addendum outlines the standards of care, house rules for the animal, and the tenant's responsibilities as a pet owner. This document also serves as a way for landlords to approve or deny a pet's presence on their property. 

Landlord Approval
Before a tenant may bring their pet onto a pet-friendly property, the pet must be approved by the property owner or manager. This allows landlords to ensure that pets are up to date on all required vaccinations and have the appropriate paperwork. 

Pet Damage Costs
While we recognize the importance of pets, we also acknowledge that they can sometimes cause damage to property. As outlined in the lease addendum, in the event that a pet causes damage, the tenant is responsible for the cost to repair or replace any items or fixtures that were damaged by the animal.

Pet Fees
For each pet that is approved to live on a pet-friendly property, the landlord will receive a one-time pet fee of $250.00. Our platform does not charge monthly pet rent, so tenants will only be required to pay this one-time fee.

We understand that pets are important members of many families, and we strive to accommodate them as much as possible. Our pet policy allows landlords to indicate if their property is pet-friendly and ensures that pets are well-behaved and cared for while on the property. If you have any further questions about our pet policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at