Appliances and Repairs

Has a tenant damaged an appliance? See below for more info

While there are no laws that require a landlord to provide appliances and most states don’t consider an absence of appliances to violate the habitability requirements that landlords must meet, Alcove policy is that a washing machine and drier must be provided with every property on the Platform.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the rental premises are provided in their current condition. This means that any appliances mentioned during the marketing and leasing process should remain available throughout the entire lease period, unless there is an agreement with both existing and future contracted housemates to have them removed.

It is the landlord's responsibility to repair and maintain all appliances supplied with the property, including the washer and drier. However, if a repair is necessary due to tenant-caused damage or neglect then the landlord may be entitled to reimbursement from Alcove for the costs of the repair. Alcove requires the following information in order to process such repair reimbursement requests which should be submitted via this form:

  1. Evidence: Alcove requires evidence from a qualified technician or vendor that the damage is directly caused by tenant damage or negligence, and not a result of regular wear & tear. This evidence may come in the form of determination on an inspection report, or email or text correspondence from the technician conducting the inspection/repair. Without such determination, Alcove cannot issue reimbursement for any repairs.
  2. Date Appliance Placed in Service: Alcove requires the date on which the appliance was placed in service at the property. This can be the date that the property was made available for rent (on Alcove's platform or otherwise). 
  3. Cost or Fair-Market-Value (FMV) of Appliance: Alcove requires the cost or FMV of the appliance when placed in service at the property. For depreciation purposes, the cost basis of any appliances is their actual cost or the fair market value at the time placed in service, whichever is lower. 
  4. Receipt or Invoice for Repair: Alcove requires the receipt or invoice for the initial inspection as well as the actual repair invoice.

Once all of the above information is submitted through the reimbursement form, the documentation is sent to management for review. Once reviewed and approved, reimbursements are sent to the owner/property managers' ledger, typically within 5 business days.