What are the House Rules?

Alcove is excited to make your shared living experience easier! Here are some reminders on how to create a successful co-living experience. If any questions should arise, please contact support@alcoverooms.com. These House Rules were also included in your Move In Email.

  1. All roommates are responsible for keeping the common areas and any shared spaces clean and tidy. Establish a cleaning schedule if needed to split cleaning tasks amongst everyone
  2. Please do not leave any trash by the front door. Dispose of properly and in a timely manner is the proper receptacles.
  3. Smoking or illegal substances are not permitted on the property.
  4. Please do not switch rooms. Each roommate has a lease on a specific bedroom with access to the common area. If you wish to switch rooms inside your current home or to another home, please email support@alcoverooms.com for assistance.
  5. Guests are permitted to stay up to three days in a week’s time. Roommates are expected to clean up after their own guests, overnight or otherwise, that they might have.
  6. Please respect that quiet time is after 10pm every night.
  7. Do not use housemate's items without their express permission. Every housemate is entitled to respect, both personal and respect of their personal property.
  8. Storage in the home is to be shared by all housemates, including pantry and refrigerator space. If needed, clearly mark your personal items or establish spaces for each housemate to use equally.
  9. There are no obstructions or grilling allowed on decks, patios, or porches.
  10. Please do not cover or remove any smoke detectors.
  11. Roommates should utilize all parking spots including the garage and driveway and overflow/street parking when permitted. Improper parking of vehicles will be towed at the vehicles owner’s expense.  
  12. Only approved pets are allowed on the property at any given time.
  13. Should any disputes arise amongst housemates, housemates should try and resolve the issues amongst themselves first before bringing the issue to Alcove.
  14. For maintenance requests, please use the maintenance form found in your portal under your profile or at https://alcoverooms.com/maintenance-request. The following repairs are the responsibility of all roommates in a home:
    1. Air Filters (to be changed every 3 months) and Water Filters
    2. Lightbulbs
    3. Pests and Cleanliness

For any clarification on the House Rules please email us or refer to your lease found in your Alcove portal!