Where can I park?

Alcove does not assign parking spots to any one bedroom in the home and all housemates are expected to work together to utilize all approved parking spaces assigned to the home, including garage, driveway, and parking pad spaces (if applicable).

Per the lease agreement:

 All vehicles (including recreational) are to be parked on the street (where allowed) or in the garage or driveway. Improper parking of the vehicles is a breach of the lease. All vehicles must comply with HOA rules (if applicable). Occupants or guests are not allowed to work on vehicles on the premises. Inoperable and/or unlicensed and/or un-inspected vehicles may not be parked on the premises- all such vehicles will be towed at occupant’s expense. 

For premises with limited garage, driveway, or any other types of reserved parking spots, roommates shall limit their parking usage to a single primary vehicle. Please refrain from parking in front of any mailboxes and driveways.

 Roommates with more than one vehicle will need to utilize publicly available parking options for any additional vehicles, if applicable, or store the vehicle in on off-site location. Any specific parking regulations can be found in the home's Resident Guide here.