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Who do I contact if I have a maintenance request?

It is the responsibility of the tenants to inform Alcove and the property manager of any issues in the home that require maintenance and/or repairs. All maintenance requests submitted to Alcove will be sent to the property manager for review.

Alcove wants to make sure that all homes are in good working order. Before submitting a maintenance request, first check to see if this is a problem that can be easily fixed yourself-tenants are responsible for all repairs under $100 and is laid out in your lease agreement.

For any larger maintenance requests that might need the help of a professional, please use the maintenance form found in your portal under your profile or at https://alcoverooms.com/my-alcove and include all relevant information (location of issue, pictures, videos, length of time the issue has been occurring).We will then send the request to your property manager for them to provide an estimated timeline on the fix.

The following repairs are the responsibility of all housemates in a home and will not be accepted in support tickets:

  1. Air Filters (to be changed every 3 months) and Water Filters
  2. Light bulbs
  3. Pests and Cleanliness