What does my Application Fee cover?

What is the $15 application fee used for? Is it refundable?

The application fee is used to cover the fee for MySmartCheck Premium, which is operated by TransUnion. Our screening covers credit, criminal, evictions and income insights

A TransUnion tenant background check shares your histories while also protecting your personal identifying information. Personal information is submitted directly to TransUnion online, without having to provide sensitive information (such as a social security number) to Alcove or the property manager.

Your application fee covers ALL your bedrooms applications for Alcove! One application fee is required to submit applications across multiple homes, so feel free to apply to as many as you like.

Note: You can have a maximum of two applications active at any given time. In order to apply to more homes, you'll need withdraw an application here


The application fee is non-refundable if you are declined from a property due an insufficient TransUnion report or you wish to withdraw your application. If the room you are applying for becomes no longer available, then you are eligible for a refund. Please email apply@alcoverooms.com for any questions on refunds.