Do I have to list exclusively with Alcove?

We make it easy to find tenants for you quickly, and for no upfront fees.

It is free and non-exclusive to list on Alcove until the first lease is signed. 

During the list process, we offers a variety of services to get your property leased up quickly. This includes listing the home on 40+ channels, handling all virtual and in-person tours, and processing applications via our trusted platform. We don't charge the homeowner a brokerage fees for these services, and our platform fees are charged directly to the tenants and/or their sponsoring employers.

While we won't require you to exclusively list through Alcove, we are confident we can fill your home quickly with the best tenants around. However, after you sign the first lease, you will be required to complete the lease up process through Alcove and abide by our policies throughout the term.