How does Alcove market my home?

At Alcove, digital marketing is a core pillar of our strategy to effectively reach potential renters. A strong online presence can make the critical difference in attracting quality tenants to fill vacancies quickly. We take a targeted, data-driven approach to connect with the right audience through the optimal channels.

Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to quickly fill vacancies. Find out how long it takes to lease a home with us here.

Syndicated Listing Sites

Every time your property is listed on Alcove, the listing is automatically syndicated across our network of over 50 premier rental sites and marketplaces. This includes major real estate and roommate platforms including Zillow,, Facebook marketplace, Hotpads,, Roomi, and Roomster.

Facebook Groups

Alcove has a strong presence in our markets like Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Atlanta. We manage the top local Facebook groups for rental housing, reaching over 50,000 members seeking roommates and rentals. This allows us to showcase your properties to a highly engaged, geographically targeted audience. Here's an example: Raleigh-Durham Housing for Rentals and Roommates

Ads and retargeting

In addition, our homes are continuously marketed to our expanding audience of past and potential roommates. Through search ads, PMax campaigns, social media remarketing, email nurture campaigns and more, your properties stay top-of-mind with rental seekers throughout their search process.

Leasing team

Alcove is not just a listing platform - We are a leasing engine, equipped with an inbound sales team and staffed 24/7 to get your home leased. Our platform automatically actively markets any vacant bedrooms 90 days before they become available to minimize your vacancy. We take care of background, credit, income and eviction checks for you at no additional cost.

Our team will provide comprehensive support via phone, text and email to each applicant throughout every step of the leasing process. They will be available to answer questions, offer support, and follow up to ensure the timely completion of each phase. In the event that the leasing team receives property specific inquiries or requests, they will route those directly to you for your attention if necessary.

Once each applicant applies, you will be able to track their progress via Manage Listings -> Select Property -> 'Applicants Tab'.

alcoverooms-com_manager_listings_b5505f0b-7c2f-4ff5-a85a-a0d0977f5a85-pngApplicants Tab within the Alcove Portal