My personal belongings were damaged while living in an Alcove home, what should I do?

Tenants are required to obtain renters insurance covering personal property while residing in an Alcove home.

If for any reason a tenant's personal property is damaged during the course of their lease, or there is damage to the home that requires tenants to find short term accommodation, the tenant should reach out to their renters insurance company and provide complete documentation of the items that were damaged*. The insurance company will be able to assist with next steps and provide additional information on what is covered by the tenant's individual policy. Additional information regarding Alcove's requirements for renter's insurance can be found page 14 of the tenant's lease agreement as well as on our FAQ page here.

Tenant's should submit a copy of their insurance through their Alcove portal here.

*Per the lease agreement (Lease Agreement, page 16), "Alcove and his agents shall not be liable for any damage to, or destruction or loss of, any of the Occupant's personal property located or stored upon the Premises regardless of the cause or causes of such damage, destruction, or loss, unless such  loss or destruction is attributable to the intentional acts or willful or wanton negligence of Alcove."