Property Setup - Shared Space Furniture

Making your house a home for Alcove tenants has never been easier

The Basics:

Alcove only requires that owners and managers provide shared space and common furniture. Bedrooms are not required to be furnished. See here for more information on bedroom furniture. Keep reading for more details on costs and options for furnishing your shared space.

Options for Furnishing Your Shared Space:

Option # Pays for Furniture Manages Furniture Setup Furniture owner Cost
1. Landlord DIY Landlord  Landlord Landlord $800 - $1,500*
2. Buy from Alcove Landlord Alcove Landlord $1,900**
3. Tenant Managed*** Tenant*** Tenant*** Tenant*** $0

*Estimated range assumes landlord purchase of new furniture and hires help to setup.  

** Payment deducted from landlord's future rent. Ledger will be updated accordingly.

*** Option is ONLY available for 2 bedroom properties. NOT available for 3+ bedroom properties.

Option 1: Landlord DIY

Estimated Landlord Upfront Costs: $800 - $1500 

In choosing Option 1, landlords take on full ownership of furnishing their Alcove home's shared space. Alcove recommends landlords order furniture no less than 10 days before the first tenant lease starts. This should provide enough time for shipping and setup. Expect some of the furniture to require assembly. Need assistance with assembly? Try hiring a Task Rabbit. 

Alcove is very supportive of an environmentally sustainable approach by furnishing the home with pre-owned furniture. That said, re-used furniture should be like new or gently worn, professionally cleaned, and free of tears, rips, holes, and odors.

Option 2: Landlord Pay Now, Alcove Order and Setup

Landlord Upfront Costs: $1900

For Option 2, Alcove will handle all ordering, shipping, and setup. Alcove in-turn will deduct the $1900 payment from the first rent payments until payment is collected in full. No immediate out of pocket costs for the landlord.

Option 3: Tenant Managed - TWO BEDROOM ONLY

Landlord Upfront Costs: $0

For a two bedroom property, landlords may choose to list and rent their property without any shared space furniture. Listings will be noted accordingly. Tenants will be responsible for all shared space furnishings.

What to Buy:

Required and Recommended Furniture:

Furniture requirements differ based on the number of bedrooms in your property. 

# of Beds Required Furniture Recommended Furniture
2-3 Bedrooms
  • Dining Table Set or seating that sits at least 4
  • Sofa (should seat 3)
  • Coffee Table
  • Outdoor Trashcan (often provided by local sanitation and waste services)
  • Television and TV Stand
  • Recycling Bin (often provided by local sanitation and waste services)
  • Kitchen Trashcan
  • Plungers
  • Door Mats (especially for carpeted flooring throughout the home)
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket and Mop
  • Broom and Dustpan
  • Shower Rods and Shower Curtains
  • Bar Stools (if kitchen design includes a breakfast counter)
4 Bedrooms 3 Bedroom Set, Plus:
  • Accent Chair
  • 2nd End Table
5+ Bedrooms

4 Bedroom Set, Plus:

  • 2nd Accent Chair
  • Dining Table Set that sits at least  6

Examples of Alcove's Favorite Buys:

Legacy Alcove Properties:

Landlords and property managers of current Alcove properties interested in installing their own furniture should reach out to the Alcove Landlord Partnership Team to determine moving costs for removing Alcove's furniture.

Bedroom Furniture:

We strongly recommend that bedrooms are kept unfurnished.  Alcove is a long term leasing platform. We cater to housemates who typically stay for 12-15 months and bring their own bedroom furniture items.

By providing bedroom furniture items, landlord accepts responsibility to maintain and to remove the bedroom furniture provided (if requested by tenant) in the property, which can create additional work and costs for the landlord. 

When tenants move out, landlords may need to clean, repair, or replace damaged furniture before the next tenant moves in. By keeping bedrooms unfurnished, landlords can avoid these additional tasks and costs, making the turnover process quicker and more efficient.