What is a Guarantor and how do I add them to my application?

A guarantor is an individual who promises to pay a tenant's rent or outstanding balance if the tenant defaults on his or her financial obligations. A guarantor must be an immediate relative of the applicant. Please contact us apply@alcoverooms.com for any questions regarding this requirement.

A guarantor can be used in lieu of an applicant's credit and/or income score. A guarantor cannot replace an applicant's background or eviction record. The basic credit, background, and income requirements for a guarantor are similar to those for an applicant. A guarantor will be subject to a background check similar to an applicant, though the guarantor will not be charged for the background check.

To add your guarantor post application or to change your guarantor complete the following steps (if you have not applied yet there will be a spot on your application to add a guarantor):

  1. Apply for up to 4 homes of your choice before inviting your guarantor (this way they don't have to enter the website multiple times!)
  2. Log into your portal at https://alcoverooms.com/login
  3. Press the Guarantors Page
  4. Add your guarantors email and press the submit button!

Your guarantor will receive an email to create an account with Alcove and complete the TransUnion screening. Alcove will be notified when they have completed the screening.  

For applicant's requirements see the article, What are the Requirements.