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My front door code isn't working. What should I do?

Alcove provides each tenant a unique 4 digit code to use on the front door for ease of access to the home.

Tenants should enter their 4 digit code on the keypad and then press the logo button on the keypad. It might take a few seconds for the system to fully unlock the deadbolt. How-to videos are below on what the process should look like. If the lock still does not work after multiple attempts, please ensure that fresh batteries have been installed in the lock. If you are experiencing access issues with your front door code or bedroom code, please submit a support ticket via your Alcove Portal, email our support team at support@alcoverooms.com, or text us at 919-925-5755. 

Locking Keypad

Unlocking Keypad


Lock Out information:

1. Urgent/Emergency Access Needs

If immediate access is needed, call a trusted locksmith company to gain access to your home/room. The tenant will be responsible for the payment of this service. A few of Alcove's recommended locksmiths are listed here.

2. Non-Urgent Access Needs

Submit a support ticket through your Alcove Support Portal. We will get to the request within 48 hours and schedule a field technician to inspect the lock and rekey if required. All lockouts that require a field technician visit will result in a $50.00 charge to the tenant's billing portal.

All keys and fobs (bedroom, garage, mail, clubhouse or pool fob, parking pass, etc.) must be returned upon move-out. Any keys or fobs not returned upon move-out will result in a $50 deduction from the tenant's security deposit.

Additional Lock Information: